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The Incredible Cardboard Planet

A short animation of an unpleasant guest who arrives on the cardboard planet.

Pühaste Tartu Pilsner 

Advertisement for Pühaste Tartu Pilsner which is an animation of it's package illustration.
The author of the illustration is Marge Nelk.

Raha24 - already 15 years with You!

Birthday celebrating animation for Raha24, was made as a collaboration project.
Animation was created in a style to imitate a paper stop-motion film.

Assigment instructions...

This animated comic is a parody of me dodging assigment instructions while I was studying at Tartu Artschool.

Test Drive

This animation shows the fastest car in the universe!
Not kidding...

Bearded Jam 

The story tells about Mihkel, who found himself a new and smart friend.
The author of the story is Andrus Kivirähk.
The narrator of the story is Rasmus Kaljujärv.

Estonian Centre of Folk Culture - Christmas card 2021

Animated Christmas card for the Estonian Centre of Folk Culture. Animation was created using both 2D and 3D technique.

Lõuna Pagarid

A collaborative project to introduce the rulers of the Bakery Kingdom.


RoLc - Portfoolio Kaitsmine (Ebaloomulik Jäse)

Punk rock sound piece. The story was inspired by feedback received during the defense of my portfolio at the art school.

RoLc - Rise, Fall, Rise

Something more of a classical style. The keywords for this sound piece would be epic and symphonic.

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